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November 26, 2012
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EDIT: I'm deciding to make this a multi chapter story~ And knowing me it'll be a while before the first chapter is up but I swear to you all this will be accomplished. ^_^ PS. This is not the last chapter...merely the second to third to last chapter ^3^
Author's notes are inside these two things~ ---→ /  \
RinxLen One shot:
Kinda Fluffy? :3
(Rin's POV)
"God Rin! Why can't you suck it up and deal with it! Len doesn't love you! You're just lying to yourself if you think that he'll ever like some as low-life and self centered as you!" I buried my head into my knees, remembering those words coming from Miku…I've known that for a while now…He'd never love me; I'm his twin for crying out loud! But still the words had cut at me like a knife. So I left. And being so stupid and filled with rage, I forgot a jacket. I started to feel my tears freezing on my cheeks and quickly swiped them off with my hand. How does she know? I mean, we're talking about Miku here- Miss Bubbly and naďve!
I sighed, muttering to myself "I guess I'm just that obvious…"
Then I started thinking…what was it that gave it away?? Was it Valentine's day when I gave Len that huge box of chocolate covered bananas?? No…she would have said something earlier. The only way she would of known was… I mentally face palmed, my hands too cold at the moment to move. I knew I shouldn't of left my notebook out on the counter. I put my chin on my knees, rubbing my numb and tingling hands against my numbing arms to try and bring some warmth back into them. Knowing her she's probably already told Len and then he's going to flip out and he's going to stop talking to me! Hell, he's probably going to stop singing with me too! Everything was playing out in my head…
"Rin! I can't believe how stupid you are!" he scoffs, "You think I would ever love YOU of all people? Miku's right, there's something messed up in your head something you need to get fixed! You know what, I'm done with you. It's obvious you can't be fixed."
"Len…. I just-"
"No Rin. Just go away, nobody likes someone who's broken." He emphasizes the last part of his sentence and suddenly turns away from me, cutting me off from him…cutting our connection.
I choke back a sob and rub at my eyes in irritation as tears prick at them. "Why do I do this to myself…"
So I just sat there in the cold, awaiting my fate…whatever it may be. I can't live without Len…

(Len's POV)
I walked out of the house, slamming the front door behind me with an irritated sigh. I can't believe her!
/*Dramatic pause…*\
She forgot to ask me if I wanted to go on a walk with her and she even forgot her coat! Sometimes I actually worry about her. I heard what Miku was yelling, she sounded so pleased with herself when she told me Rin- and I quote- "Is severely messed up in the head" and that my twin loved me as more than her sibling.  As I was leaving, Kaito asked me if I liked Miku…. the obvious answer being no. I LIKE everyone, don't get me wrong! It's just I don't think about Miku in that manner.

I absentmindedly fiddled with Rin's jacket I had in hand, just hoping I could find my princess before her mood got to her and she decided she was going to die all dramatically in the snow.
I know Rin doesn't show it as often as Miku or even the creeper Gakupo, but she cries and gets hurt as easily as everyone else…her pride just gets in the way of her letting everyone know.
The soft shuffling of feet on the snow and sniffling as if trying to stop tears brought me out of my thoughts. I approached the evergreen tree it came from, finding a girl with her head buried in her arms and her knees pulled up tight against her chest.

(Rin's POV)
"You know it's too cold out here for someone to not be wearing a jacket." I knew that voice…but I turned my head to see who it was anyway, quickly trying to stifle my hiccupped breathing and sniffling. "Someone like me doesn't need a jacket." I mumbled, knowing Len could hear me. I turned my face back down into my knees and arms, not really surprised as the warm interior of the jacket fell across my shoulders anyway.
"Princesses shouldn't be out here alone either." Len commented, a joking manner in his tone. If he wants to tell me he agrees with Miku I wish he would do it already…I wish he would stop toying with my feelings and just leave me to deal with the shattered pieces of my heart.
"Come on, Rin. We have some people we need to talk to…"
I scoffed "I knew it…" I slowly looked up at him, knowing my eyes were red from crying. "You agree with her don't you? You think I'm…. broken." I slowly whispered the last part, choking up a little. Ughhhhh! Why do I have to do this in front of him!
"No." he said forcefully as he offered his hand to me. "I just need to tell Miku and everyone else that we understand each other and that if anyone ever makes you run out crying again, they're going to die."
"W-what?" Why was he saying this to me? All of a sudden very protective and so sure of himself- my mind blanked as he pulled me to my feet and kissed me gently. After a few moments, a light bulb seemed to go off and he pulled away slightly, a blush on his cheeks "Y-y-you mean…" I stammered out, barely connecting the words together as my mind just started working again.
"Rin, I'm just glad you finally feel the same way… I've…loved you for a long time and I just didn't want to ruin what we had and-gahhh!" He fell to the ground as I now tackled him; tears of happiness streaming down my cheeks. He laughed and then hugged me, his warmth washing over me. "Come on, let's head back before you get sick." He got to his feet, picking me up and then setting off back for home.

(Len's POV)

I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank GOD she didn't shoot me! I know we'll probably have to be "watched carefully" now but looking alike does have its advantages sometimes~ I watched her run ahead of me, undoubtedly excited to get back home and probably get her revenge on Miku. I shook my head, a smile playing on my lips. I don't think Miku's going to particularly take it easy on Rin…maybe she'll finally notice Kaito. Who knows? I don't know but maybe that's the exciting part about it all.
"Len! Come on!" my princess's sweet voice called back to me, know longer sad or angry with anyone for the moment. I hurried to catch up with her and finally walked along side her, holding her chilled hands in mine and approaching the house. All I can say is that this is definitely going to be interesting…
EDIT: My entry for #WeloveRin's Christmas Contest~
Go and vote for it when you can~ Please? :3
Beware: Some people may find this as a crappy fanfiction. I apologize for only taking 20 minutes to type it up without stopping~ Thank you! If you find an issue tell me in the comments and comment if you fave please~

Just something I came up with at random while listening to 'My True Self' by Rin Kagamine. I imagined her and Miku having this huge argument but didn't feel like writing out a super long paragraph or Miku point of view so I just decided to get straight to the point. Essentially Miku found out that Rin has a HUGE crush on Len and they're twins. Miku also has a crush on Len and tears at Rin to get her to give up (yes i know Miku's mean ;^; it just worked out that way kay~). Rin does and goes out on one of her rage crying walks and basically freezes her butt off.
Len has the same unrequited feelings for Rin and when Miku tells him Rin ran off and that she was really messed up in the head Len runs off after her. Rin and Len share their feelings for each other and then continue home~
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